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Austria climbs five spots to rank 32nd. With this rise it is now among the medium-performing countries in the CCPI. The country receives a low rating in the GHG Emissions and Energy Use categories. However, for its performance in Renewable Energy, Austria receives a high rating, along with a medium in Climate Policy.

In October 2022, Austria implemented a CO2 price starting at €30 per tonne, and rising annually to €55 in 2025. The starting price is well below what scientists and NGOs demand.

Necessary climate laws have yet to be passed

The CCPI experts welcome Austria’s past achievements on climate action, such as the goal to reach climate neutrality by 2040. However, they note that necessary laws (such as a climate law, energy efficiency law, and renewable heat law) for climate change mitigation and adaptation have yet to be passed. Moreover, in September 2022, the Minister of Finance announced that the country’s potential for fracking gas would be determined. Such a step could undermine climate mitigation efforts.

Austria introduced a nationwide public transport ticket in October 2021 and otherwise improved investments in public transport. The CCPI experts welcome such steps to make climate-friendly travel more affordable.

Key Outcomes

  • Austria climbs five spots to rank 32nd
  • The country implemented a CO2 price
  • Necessary climate laws have yet to be passed

CCPI experts

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