Applying the CCPI to finance

The impact of the CCPI as a climate protection information and communication tool also depends on whether and how the index is used by different actors. For maximizing the impact of the CCPI, it is therefore crucial to reach out to those who can develop great leverage, in particular the finance sector. The past years have already seen major actors within the finance sector taking action to align their activities with the goals of the Paris Agreement. While finance actors increasingly acknowledge the relevance of climate change and related risks for investment decisions, they often lack necessary expert knowledge and data to induce meaningful change.

  • Filling in this gap, the CCPI has developed into a global standard for the “climate proofing” of capital invested into sovereign bonds. The CCPI enables investors to translate global climate policy into an easy-to-apply – and scientifically sound – climate score for investment steering, portfolio transition strategies and meaningful investor dialogue.
  • Endorsed by the world’s leading investor group: The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) has named the CCPI the “leading and best-available methodology” for integrating climate policy metrics into investment decision making for sovereign bonds.
  • Ever-growing demand: Financial service providers and investors have increasingly sought for additional information on CCPI data and inquired into the CCPI’s license rights. Backed by this demand, investors can, as of now, obtain end-user licenses in three categories (Basic, Basic Plus and Premium), all of which help bridge the CCPI’s funding gap.
  • Some of the world’s largest financial institutions are already using the CCPI including but not limited to MSCI (ESG data vendor) and NN Group (insurance company). Other customers include major banks, global asset managers and public financial authorities.

For more information on CCPI end-user licenses, please send an e-mail to (RCLM GmbH is the official licence partner of the CCPI)