When we first reached out to the CCPI team we didn't anticipate the support and collaborative spirit that we were met with. They have been very flexible and insightful in assisting our own climate policy research. We certainly look forward to continuing to work with the CCPI in the future!

Marlene Kammerer

Marlene Kammerer Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research & Institute of Political Science at University of Bern

The CCPI has been used by the Portuguese government to communicate achievements and to explain setbacks. Is has been a yearly indicator that is followed by stakeholders and extensively picked by the press as an evaluation tool of the progress of climate change policies in our country.

Francisco Ferreira

Francisco Ferreira President of ZERO, Portugal

Since 2005, the CCPI has been contributing to a clearer understanding of national and international climate policies. The CCPI is an important tool for tracking countries' climate action performances and enabling comparison of the efforts and progress made by 57 countries and the European Union, covering more than 90% of global GHG emissions. An impressive result, made possible by the joint contribution of NGOs experts working within their respective countries, fighting for the implementation of the climate policies that we desperately need to reach our common goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Mauro Albrizio

Mauro Albrizio European Affairs Director, Legambiente