Impact of the CCPI

By giving a comprehensive overview on the climate change performance of 63 countries and the EU, the CCPI aims to analyse whether countries are on track to fulfil their promises and obligations to combat the climate crises. World leaders as well as global financial players have started recognising the index’ worth for assessing a country’s climate change performance. To give you an insight in the index’ impact so far we collected a few examples.

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Financial Market

The CCPI has developed into a global standard for the “climate proofing” of capital invested into sovereign bonds. The CCPI enables investors to translate global climate policy into an easy-to-apply – and scientifically sound- climate score for investment steering, portfolio transition strategies and meaningful investor dialogue.

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Media Response

The publication of the CCPI annually causes international media response, being mentioned in leading media around the world (The New York Times, The Guardian, The Times of India, SPIEGEL, etc.). The extensive media coverage of CCPI results sparks important public and political debates within countries assessed and enhances climate information outreach to citizens. Furthermore, it promotes competition and exerts pressure on governments to take action.

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Policy Impact

The CCPI creates transparency and comparability of climate protection efforts by individual countries and thus provides civil society groups and lawmakers with sound arguments for more climate protection. Therefore, the index increases political pressure, inciting important debates and is increasingly being acknowledged by world leaders as an instrument to assess a country’s climate protection performance.

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Researchers and scientists all over the world use CCPI data as a measure of climate performance. Thus, the CCPI data lays the ground for advancing important climate (policy) research. A unique success factor of the CCPI is the input of policy evaluation from over 400 climate and energy experts. This has also led to the CCPI’s results being widely taken up by international climate policy research (Stanford University, Oxford University, the London School of Economics, etc.).