Sociology and Psychology

In particular, but not exclusively, young segments in societies of various countries are increasingly dissatisfied with the climate prevention and adaptation measures of their home countries. At the latest since Fridays for future in 2019, debates on political failure in climate protection have become an essential part of public discourse. In sociology and psychology, CCPI data is used to investigate whether the increased reach of the topic is accompanied by an increased factual knowledge on climate change among the population. In addition, CCPI data helps to assess the changing emotional state among the general population in the light of their country’s climate policy performance.

Find a selection of sociologic and psychologic science articles using CCPI data here:

  • Oliver, M.C., Adkins, M.J. (2020) “Hot-headed” students? Scientific literacy, perceptions and awareness of climate change in 15-year olds across 54 countries
  • Signoretta, P., Bracke, P., Buffel, V. (2020): “Fiddling While Rome Burns”: The Role of Ecological States in the Association Between Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Subjective Well-Being