Algeria Algeria

Algeria ranks 43rd in this year’s CCPI, remaining among the low-performing countries, though rising three places.

With an inconsistent overall picture, Algeria barely shows improvement across the different categories. It rates medium for GHG Emissions and Energy Use, low for Renewable Energy, and very low for Climate Policy. Both the national and international ratings for Algeria’s climate policy remain very low.

National climate and energy experts highlight a lacking political will across all categories. They note that resources are abundantly available for increasing renewable energy supply and decreasing GHG emissions, but concrete action is missing. Moreover, inflated political ambitions in fields like energy efficiency of buildings stand in contrast to the agriculture and e-mobility sector, which, again, have high potential but lack action. Experts do find appraisal for Algeria’s plans to update their NDC and its active role in coordinating and stimulating climate action in the MENA region. However, this cannot compensate for the nationally and internationally overarching lack of ambition and effort in climate mitigation action.

The following national experts agreed to be mentioned as contributors for this year’s CCPI: Sofiane Benadjila.

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