Political Science

CCPI data has been used in scientific articles since 2009. Political articles mentioning the CCPI have different research focuses. Most articles use a comparative approach to assess, which countries contribute most and least to international efforts to fight climate change. Some studies analyse specific countries, i.e. from a geographical region (EU; Africa) or with similar economic circumstances (OECD countries). Others use a broader scope and analyse a larger number of states.

Another research focus is finding determinants for (progressive) climate policy. These articles analyse which factors have a causal relationship with certain climate policies. Also, some research focuses on single state climate policy action and uses CCPI data to rate the analysed country.

Find a selection of political science articles using the CCPI here:

  • Hanusch, Fredderic (2018): Democacy and Climate Change. Routledge
  • Schwerdtle, P., Cavan, E., Pilz, L., Oggioni, S., Crosta, A., Kaleyeva, V., Karim, P., Szarvas F., Naryniecki, T., Jungmann, M. (2023): Interlinkages between Climate Change Impacts, Public Attitudes, and Climate Action—Exploring Trends before and after the Paris Agreement in the EU