Argentina Argentina

Sliding down from rank 42nd to 46th, Argentina remains in the group of low performers this year.

Argentina continues to rate very low to low in all CCPI categories except Energy Use, where it is rated high this year owing to the decreasing trends in energy use per capita in the country. Argentina rated medium in the International Climate Policy category as it is currently revising its NDC, aiming the revised contributions, with the aim to be reflected in the February 2021’s UNFCCC global report.

However, experts fear COVID-19 exacerbated delays in critical decision processes such as the NDC review, development of a long-term climate strategy as well as a national climate law. Moreover, according to experts, the current suite of climate policies, especially in the agricultural and forestry sectors, lack robustness, which leads to a low rating in the National Climate Policy indicator of CCPI. National experts also point to a lack of funding and limited enforcement efforts to implement climate policies at the national and local levels. With regards to energy targets, Argentina continues to be heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and the country’s economic situation, as well as the change in administration, adding to delays and uncertainties on future targets. National experts further point to the lack of a plan to incentivise the shift to renewable energy in the coming years.

The following national expert agreed to be mentioned as contributor for this year’s CCPI: Bruno Giambelluca (Greenpeace Argentina)

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