Austria Austria

Austria improves its performance by three places in this year’s CCPI, up to 35th, but still ranks among the low-performing countries.

A high level of GHG Emissions and Energy Use, as well as missing compatibility with its well-below-2°C pathway, lead to Austria’s low rating in these categories. The rating for Renewable Energy is medium, while a considerable upturn in experts’ rating of Austria’s climate policy is responsible for another medium rating here.

Experts acknowledge the new government’s plans on climate action include 2040 climate neutrality, a 100% renewables 2030 target, and an energy efficiency law. While these measures still lack implementation, Austria has already shut down its last coal power plant. Nevertheless, experts criticise there being neither a fossil fuel phase-out plan nor a general carbon price, though emissions are stagnating with regard to 1990 levels. Furthermore, many federal states are not in line with the new government’s plans, though they have the power in some important parts of legislation, such as environmental conservation. At the international level, experts state that the new climate minister is supportive of the EU −55% target, though her government is not officially supportive.

The following national experts agreed to be mentioned as contributors for this year’s CCPI: Johannes Wahlmüller (GLOBAL2000), Adam Pawloff & Jasmin Duregger (Greenpeace), Karl Schellmann (WWF)

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