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Despite climbing four ranks from last year’s CCPI, Belarus remains in the group of low-performing countries, ranking 36th in CCPI 2021.

Belarus is ranked in the bottom five in the Renewable Energy category, with a very low performance, as in the previous year. In contrast, the country shows a stable high rating in the Energy Use category. Significant improvement can be seen in the GHG Emissions category, where the country improves its ranking in all indicators. The country’s current per capita emission levels (at 7.6 tCO2eq/capita, including LULUCF) are now rated medium. The same applies for the comparison of current emission levels with a well-below-2°C pathway.

The improvement of the 2030 GHG target indicator, where Belarus now receives a low instead of very low rating, is also key in experts’ comments in the annual climate policy evaluation survey. The country is in the process of preparing submission of an enhanced NDC, supported by a team in the scope of the EU4Climate Programme. The new NDC is suggested to contain an unconditional GHG mitigation target down at least 35% from 1990 levels, a significant improvement to the current INDC of −28%. Belarus receives a low rating for its performance at the international level and a medium rating at the national level, with a slight overall improvement in its climate policy performance, earning a medium rating in this category.

Lastly, the CCPI team calls for attention to the fact this year’s climate policy assessment took place in the context of recent mass demonstrations against President Lukashenko after the 2020 presidential election. The team wishes to express its concern regarding the safety of the important work of an independent opposition and civil society in Belarus. This is as hundreds of detentions are seen in mass protests, along with numerous allegations of severe police brutality in the scope of the ongoing demonstrations.

National experts that contributed to the policy evaluation of this year’s CCPI chose to remain anonymous.

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