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Ranked among the worst-performing countries in CCPI 2020, Canada fell another three spots in this year’s index, to 58th.

Canada’s per capita GHG emissions and per capita energy use are among the world’s highest, leading to a very low rating in the GHG Emissions and Energy Use categories. The renewable energies grew also only by 4% within 5 years. This comparable low growth rate is rated very low, contributing to a very low rating in the Renewable Energy category.Despite positive rhetoric from Canadian leaders, experts cite substantial discrepancies between the goals the government has set and the implementation of the policies necessary to achieve them. With a low rating for national climate policy, experts show alarm about considerable financial support provided to fossil fuel companies, and significant extraction and export of both thermal and metallurgical coal. They also cite a continued increase in oil and gas production, which has helped expand the country’s GHG emissions. Combined with a medium rating in international climate policy, Canada is rated medium in the Climate Policy category.

Experts note that market economics are strongly propelling development of new renewable energy in Canada’s traditionally fossil fuel-heavy regions, despite the lack of a clear commitment for setting or implementing renewable energy targets, both at the national and provincial levels. Experts also cite a troubling recent emphasis on supporting “small” modular nuclear reactors, and potentially even an interest in considering nuclear as a green source of supply. Experts have further called on the government to update its extremely weak 2030 emissions reduction target and correct the course of its plans to meet it.

The following national experts agreed to be mentioned as contributors for this year’s CCPI:  Teika Newton, Eddy Pérez, Jay Ritchlin, Adréanne Brazeau, Sarah Petrevan, Joanna Kyriazis, Brendan Haley, Karen Ross, Catherine Abreu (Climate Action Network); André Bélisle (AQLPA); Bora Plumptre (Pembina Institute).

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