Cyprus Cyprus

Remaining in the group of very low performing countries, Cyprus is ranked 49th in the CCPI 2021.

Overall, the country shows similar deficits to last year, especially in the very low-rated Emissions category and in the low-rated Energy Use category. Interestingly, the biggest shortcomings can be seen in the trend indicator, which is rated very low in both categories. In contrast to that, the high rated trend indicator in the Renewable Energies category is the main driver for the overall improvement Cyprus shows in this category. Cyprus was able to increase its share of Renewable Energies in Energy Use by 36.01% between 2013 and 2018 to a however still relatively low current share of 8.1% RE in Energy Use.

The country’s performance is completed by a significant drop-off in the formerly medium-rated Climate Policy category, where national climate and energy experts now gave a low overall rating, leading to Cyprus’ decline of thirteen ranks in this category.

The following national expert agreed to be mentioned as contributor for this year’s CCPI: Georgia Shoshilou (FEO)


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