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Egypt rises one spot to 20th in this year’s CCPI, with an overall medium rating. The country receives mixed ratings in the four main CCPI categories. It rates high in GHG Emissions and Energy Use, and medium in Climate Policy, but very low in Renewable Energy.

Energy Partnership between Egypt and the European Union is promising

Egypt submitted its first Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) update in July 2022. According to the Climate Action Tracker, however, the new NDC only includes emissions reduction targets for the electricity, transport, oil, and gas sectors. These account for 42% of Egypt’s emissions (as of 2015). The CCPI experts also condemn the NDC update’s lack of transparency. As Egypt did not communicate its business-as-usual pathway, the overall emissions level resulting from the NDC is unclear and difficult to quantify.

Egypt plans to expand fossil gas operations. It is encouraging expansion of gas in Egypt and in other African countries and striving to become a gas hub (risking locking-in of emissions). The CCPI experts, however, note that Egypt is open to dialogue on increasing ambition in a clean energy transition and willing to increase efforts upon receiving adequate climate finance.

The experts welcome green energy and green hydrogen projects that are ready to receive finance. They also welcome the emerging partnership between the European Union and Egypt on renewable energy, green hydrogen, energy efficiency, and – for a limited period – fossil gas, emphasising that less economically developed countries’ demands can be met without threatening the Paris Agreement.

COP 27 in Egypt

Egypt is the host of COP27, prioritising climate finance and climate adaptation. The CCPI experts welcome the increase in overall awareness of environmental and climate issues owing to COP27’s taking place in Egypt. Yet civil society participation is noted to be difficult (with human rights organisations reporting repression and harassment of environmental activists and groups working in Egypt).

Key Outcomes

  • Egypt rises one spot to 20th, with an overall medium rating
  • The country submitted its first NDC update in July 2022
  • COP27 increases overall awareness of environmental and climate issues in Egypt

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