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Spain drops seven spots from the previous year, and remains among the relatively low-performing countries, ranked 41st in CCPI 2021.

The country was not able to improve its low ratings in the GHG Emissions and Renewable Energy categories, and its performance in the Energy Use category fell. This now also receives a low instead of a medium rating. Worryingly, Spain shows low or very low performance in the trend indicators as well as when comparing current levels with well-below-2°C benchmarks across all categories.

Experts mention Spain’s national Climate Change and Energy Transition Bill, which is currently under parliamentary debate, as a key policy in the country’s climate mitigation efforts, and call for adoption of the law. Apart from this, however, experts note a lack of ambition in Spain’s national climate policy, especially reflected in weak targets and a lack of clear measures in all categories. This assessment is reflected in the medium and low ratings in the CCPI target indicators in all categories, showing that Spain’s 2030 targets are not in line with a well-below-2°C pathway. At the international level, it is notable that Spain hosted COP 25 in 2019. Experts give a medium rating for the country’s international climate policy performance. Along with a low rating at the national level, this leads to an overall medium rating for Spain’s climate policy performance.

The following national expert agreed to be mentioned as contributor for this year’s CCPI: Josep Puig (Group of Scientists and Engineers for a Non Nuclear Future).

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