Finland Finland

Finland falls one place from last year’s CCPI to rank 11th in CCPI 2021, still among the high performers.

With only slight changes in the GHG Emissions and Energy Use categories compared with last year, Finland still ranks medium and very low, respectively, with relatively high current levels in both areas. Notably, the country complements a significant drop in the GHG emissions current level indicator (high rating) with its improvement to a medium rating regarding its 2030 target in this category. While also rating high in the Renewable Energy category, Finland is the frontrunner in the Climate Policy category.

Experts were especially convinced by Finland’s renewable energy policy. Though peat is still used for heating, the government introduced a target of reducing its share by 50% by 2030. Geothermal heating is increasingly replacing peat, while wind energy is gaining a competitive advantage in the market, owing to its consistent promotion. Finland also has a carbon pricing scheme and a progressive tax system for transport. Nevertheless, experts criticise missing policies in the Non-Energy sector, as climate policies only play a minor role in agriculture. Additionally, Finland relies on the EU LULUCF rules, and adds none of its own. Being a frontrunner in international climate policy, with a very high rating, Finland plays an active and constructive role in the UNFCCC process. One weakness national experts do recognise is a lack in bilateral diplomacy.

National experts that contributed to the policy evaluation of this year’s CCPI chose to remain anonymous.

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