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France falls five places to 23rd, remaining in the group of medium performers in CCPI 2021.

France moves from a medium to a high rating in the GHG Emissions category. The low rating in the Renewable Energy category reflects there being no major changes in the low-rated current share of renewable energy.

France’s decline in overall performance is rooted in a significant drop in experts’ evaluation of the country’s national climate policy performance, which was rated high in the previous year and is now low. This is mainly due to the lack of ambition of French national climate policies that are not aligned with the national carbon budgets. It also owes to the overall 2030 target, especially concerning the transport sector. The government-initiated Citizens Convention for Climate published 150 recommendations on how to fill this gap, but the presidential promise to implement all of them without any selection (sans filtre) is not honoured. In contrast to that, France continues to receive high ratings for its international climate policy performance. Experts, however, point to a lack of engagement in terms of climate finance, loss and damage topics, and the complicated and slow process to support the target of at least −55% at the EU level. This unstable tendency at the international level emphasises France’s trajectory towards falling into the group of overall medium-performing countries in the climate policy evaluation, compared with its high climate policy category rating in previous editions.

The following national expert agreed to be mentioned as contributor for this year’s CCPI: Marine Pouget (RAC).

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