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Ranked 5th, the United Kingdom entered the top five in this year’s CCPI.

The country received high ratings in all CCPI categories this year, namely GHG emissions, Energy Use, Renewable Energy, and Climate Policy.

National experts confirm these trends and highlight that the United Kingdom assigns sizable budgets for green interventions and plans to establish a national carbon pricing scheme after its exit from the European Union. However, they also claim that current funding is not ambitious enough and that the country currently outmatches many European countries in providing subsidies to fossil fuels. Regarding Renewable Energy, the United Kingdom is moving in the right direction, rating very high in the Renewable Energy trend category. Experts mention several plans to further promote renewable energy expansion in the country.
However, urgent policy efforts are needed for aligning the country’s targets on overall GHG emission reductions as well as on renewable energy and energy use to a well-below-2°C trajectory. Changes may happen in the coming year, as experts note promising announcements by the government to update and improve their first NDC outside the EU, as well as publish a comprehensive net-zero strategy ahead of COP26. The political context in the United Kingdom, however, remains uncertain now, and the current and planned climate policies could vary depending on the outcome of the Brexit deal negotiations. Owing to this, the country received a medium rating in the national climate policy.

The following national experts agreed to be mentioned as contributors for this year’s CCPI: Caterina Brandmayr (Green Alliance), Christoph v. Friedeburg (CF Energy Research & Consulting UG).

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