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Ranked 18th in this year’s CCPI, Croatia climbs up two spots compared to last year’s edition and now leads the group of medium performing countries.

While continuously performing high in the Renewables category, Croatia shows a very dynamic and varied performance in the remaining three categories. In the GHG Emission category, the country shows significant improvements, moving into the group of high performing countries. In contrast, Croatia considerably declines in the Energy Use category, however still receiving a medium rating in this field.

The biggest setback can be seen in the Climate policy category, where Croatia declines by as many as 18 ranks in the climate experts’ policy assessment, now receiving a low overall rating for its most recent climate mitigation policies. Especially in an EU-wide comparison, Croatia lags behind in its climate mitigation ambition and action, experts note. It is one of only few European countries which have not yet announced a coal phase-out date. Moreover, the country’s long term emission reduction strategy is still under development, the first draft being asserted as rather weak by national climate experts.
Recent new oil and gas concessions, weak implementation of policies in the forestry and agricultural sector and very limited action targeting the country’s growing Energy Use complete the picture of Croatia’s currently insufficient climate policy performance.

National experts that contributed to the policy evaluation of this year’s CCPI chose to remain anonymous.

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