Luxembourg Luxembourg

Ranked 21st in the CCPI 2021, Luxembourg falls by eight ranks and drops into the group of medium performing countries.

The country performs very low in the Energy Use category, medium in the GHG emissions category and high in the sectors of Renewables and Energy Use.
Interestingly, Luxembourg receives low and very low ratings for the current level indicators in GHG emissions, Renewable Energy and Energy Use, and, in contrast to that, high or even very high ratings for the trend indicators in those areas. This indicates a significant potential for Luxembourg to improve its overall CCPI performance in the long term, provided the adoption and implementation of adequate climate policies. Seeing, however, the low rating Luxembourg was given by national climate policy experts, a significant risk appears that the country will not be able to realise its potential for increased climate mitigation ambition.

National experts that contributed to the policy evaluation of this year’s CCPI chose to remain anonymous.


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