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Climbing up two places compared to last year’s edition, Latvia is ranked 13th in the CCPI 2021, ranging in the group of high performing countries.

Latvia remains in the group of low performing countries in the GHG emissions category, despite slight improvements in the 2030 target indicator. Thereby, the fact that current emissions are still on the rise, with an 8.9% increase in GHG per capita emissions between 2013 and 2018, is particularly concerning. A growing trend in Energy Use per capita is also the key driver to the country’s significant decline in the medium-rated Energy Use category. On the positive end, Latvia places itself as the frontrunner in the Renewables category and furthermore moves into the top ten of the Climate Policy category, receiving high grades for both National and International Climate policy by national climate experts.

Important recent policies include the adoption of the strategy to achieve Climate neutrality by 2030 and the adoption of the National Energy and Climate Plan. The latter includes a resolution for the phase out of fossil fuel subsidies. Internationally, Latvian experts applaud the country for its progressive position in EU negotiations on climate ambition, but also point to potential benefits of deepening regional cooperation between Baltic states in relevant climate and energy policy fields.

The following national experts agreed to be mentioned as contributors for this year’s CCPI: Janis Brizga & Krista Petersone (Green Liberty Latvia).

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