Malta Malta

Ranked 12th in the CCPI 2021, Malta moves up two ranks compared to last year’s edition and remains in the group of high performing countries.

Showing a very similar picture to last year, Malta receives high ratings for the GHG emissions category, the Renewables category and the Energy Use category. The trend indicators in those categories are all rated very high, showing that the country is overall moving into the right direction. However, when it comes to most recent climate policy developments, Malta receives low ratings in the annual CCPI national climate experts’ policy evaluation.

Experts especially lament policy deficits in the field of energy supply, seeing a stagnation of solar PV and a complete lack of action in the field of wind energy. Given that the country’s energy mix is largely dominated by fossil fuels, with the current share of RE in Energy Use being negligible (lying at roughly 5%), experts see an urgent need for action in this regard. On international level, experts lament that while Malta promotes progressive positions, those are rarely translated into progressive actions.

The following national expert agreed to be mentioned as contributor for this year’s CCPI: Edward A. Mallia (Friends of the Earth).


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