Netherlands Netherlands

The Netherlands holds its rank of 29th in CCPI 2021, maintaining a medium overall rating.

The Netherlands was able to improve its performance in Energy Use, rising 10 spots from the previous year, and the country’s Climate Policy ranks high. The country, however, performs low in the Renewable Energy and GHG Emissions categories.

Dutch climate and energy experts note strong national climate policy measures recently implemented. Among those is premature shutdown of several coal-fired power plants, as well as a law that prohibits the use of coal for electricity generation from 2030 onwards, and a 75% renewable electricity target for 2030. In international climate politics, the Netherlands has adopted a climate law that determines a 95% emissions reduction for 2050, preceded by 49% by 2030 compared with pre-industrial levels. Although this long-term goal is in line with the Paris Agreement, the 49% is criticised as being, by far, not enough. Moreover, experts note that policies in the agricultural and LULUCF sectors are relatively weak and have not improved over the previous year. They also criticise the national economic recovery plans’ not being directed towards greening the economy.

The following national experts agreed to be mentioned as contributors to this year’s CCPI: Jan Verhagen (University of Wageningen), Robert Koelemeijer (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving).

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