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Norway falls four ranks to 10th in this year’s CCPI, still receiving an overall high rating. Norway rates very high in the Renewable Energy category, with its share of over 50% renewables in energy supply. Nevertheless, the country earns a medium for GHG Emissions and Climate Policy and very low for Energy Use.

Norway is frontrunner in international climate policy

The CCPI country experts recognise the country’s ambitious and effective climate policies. Norway has a very high share of renewables, mostly through hydropower. There is a high carbon tax for multiple sectors and support for electric vehicles. The experts also acknowledge the role Norway plays in international climate policy. It is a frontrunner in climate negotiations and relatively supportive in climate finance.

However, the experts criticise other areas of Norway’s climate politics. There is a lack of long-term strategies for specific policies and of long-term targets. Strategies to meet energy efficiency targets are missing and the country lags in decarbonising the industry sector. While other industries have cut emissions by 40% since 1990, the petroleum industry has increased to current levels almost 50% above those in 1990.

Indigenous rights must be in the centre of renewables expansion

The experts’ strongest criticism regards Norway’s oil and gas exploration and exports. The country continues to expand oil and gas extraction, including in the Arctic. There is no phase-out plan for oil and gas extraction.

The experts demand a just transition away from oil and gas extraction in Norway. Despite the country’s high ranking in the CCPI, Norway is among the 20 countries with the largest developed oil and gas reserves. It also plans to increase its gas production by over 5% by 2030. This is incompatible with the 1.5°C target.

An additional topic the experts raised is a Norwegian Supreme Court rule that decided two wind power fields built in the Trøndelag region violate the indigenous rights of the Sámi people and the livelihoods of the local reindeer herders. Mining waste dumping in fjords is also affecting Sámi rights.

Key Outcomes

  • Norway falls four ranks to 10th, still receiving an overall high rating
  • The country is a frontrunner in international climate policy
  • The experts demand a just transition away from oil and gas extraction

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