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Continuing its downward trend, Romania falls by six spots to rank 30 in the CCPI 2021, ranging in the group of medium performing countries.

While continuously receiving a high rating in the Energy Use category, Romania drops from a high to a medium rating in both GHG Emissions and Renewable Energy.
Furthermore, the country’s ratings fall in all trend indicators, showing that Romania is not moving into the right direction when it comes to a reduction of GHG Emissions and Energy Use, coupled with an increase in RE capacities.

This also reflects in experts’ comments on the current climate policy, noting that climate mitigation measures are so far incomprehensive and lack strategic coherence.
As Romania neither has a coal phase-out plan, nor a Long Term Strategy in place, the government continues to support large investments in oil and gas companies and provides state loans for lignite-fired electricity producer Oltenia Energy Complex. Moreover, despite great potential in Romania’s Renewable Energy sector, weak support policies, combined with legislative inconsistencies, keep counteracting a clean energy transition. In the non-energy sector, experts point out that deforestation and illegal logging remain urgent issues. Whether they will be met by the new updated Forest Law, is yet to be seen. Lastly, Romania’s poor national climate policy performance is also largely translated to its performance on EU and International level, leading to an overall low in the climate policy category.

The following national experts agreed to be mentioned as contributors for this year’s CCPI: Laura Nazare (Bankwatch), Alin Tanase (Greenpeace), Rocana Ducata (2Celsius), Lavinia Andrei (TERRA Mileniul III).

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