Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Ranking 60th, Saudi Arabia continued to be at the bottom of very low performers in the CCPI index this year.

Due to its high dependency on fossil fuels and high GHG emissions per capita, Saudi Arabia received very low ratings in the GHG Emissions and Energy Use categories. Furthermore, the country’s performance is rated low in both national and international climate policy. Silver living is the recent trend of renewable energy uptake under Saudi Arabia’s National Renewable Energy Program. Saudi Arabia recently raised its renewable energy target from 9.5 GW in 2023 to 58.7 GW by 2030. Yet these positive developments are not significant enough to tip the scales for a better rating for the country in the Renewables category (rated low), considering the very low shares of renewables in the energy mix and incompatibility of both current renewable energy shares and current GHG targets to a well-below-2°C pathway.

Since no national expert contributed to this year’s national policy evaluation of the CCPI , the average grade for the national policy was applied.

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