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Continuing an upwards trend, Thailand moves into the group of medium performing countries in the CCPI and is now ranked 26th.

Apart from the Renewables category, the country was able to improve its rankings in all categories. A notable improvement can be seen in Energy Use. In the Climate Policy category, driven by the national climate policy indicator Thailand is now in the group of medium performing countries.
In the bottom line, however, Thailand receives medium ratings in all categories, indicating that there is still significant room for improvement.

This varied picture reflects in experts’ comments on recent climate policy developments. Experts see positive signals in mitigation measures in the sector of energy and transport under the NAMA (National Appropriate Mitigation Action). On the other hand, they criticise that national targets in the Renewable Energy sector are not ambitious enough. They furthermore note that current policies are disadvantaging solar and wind generation in favour of large-scale power plants. On a more general note, experts point out that the quality of national GHG emission inventory estimations is limited. Improved data in this field could be vital to the development of related climate mitigation policies, particularly in the non-energy sector, experts say.

The following national expert agreed to be mentioned as contributor for this year’s CCPI: Tara Buakamsri (Greenpeace).

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